The busy roundabout of Place Castellane (or Rond-pont du Prado) in Marseille's 6th arrondissement (district)


Photos from Castellane-Prado district in Marseille

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Fontaine Jules Cantini Various sculptures at Fontaine (fountain) Jules Cantini at Place Castellane busy roundabout (Rond-pont du Prado) in Marseille's 6th arrondissement di...
Fontaine Jules Cantini at Rond-pont du Prado Place Castellane roundabout (Rond-pont du Prado) with a 25-metre tall monument, sculptures and Fontaine Jules Cantini
Avenue du Prado Various buildings along the busy Avenue du Prado in Marseille's Castellane district
Marché de Castellane-Prado Marché de Castellane-Prado Market featuring fresh flowers in the morning